TOR Group, MC is a Commercial Real estate arm of TOR Group International, our Commercial team consist of the most knowledgeable, results-driven brokers, whom are backed by the most innovative Technology the Commercial Real estate has to offer. With over 24 years of experience in international market & a successful 6 years in the Russian market of Real estate our achievements are beyond compare. From Lisbon to Düsseldorf we managed to satisfy the needs & exceed the expectations of our clients for we always have the Right Connections, technology & strategies to achieve our Client vision.
We seek to enhance economic growth and make positive impact, for we invest for long term, because building a resilient and successful Business will lead to better returns, stronger economic growth for the communities that benefits everyone.

By using our staff of extraordinary professionals you guarantee finding The Right Real estate listing for you. TOR Group agents & brokers are knowledgeable about the local Real estate market and ready to help with each challenge, find answers, keep looking for the better ways to serve and deliver with quality, for we are proud of the work we do, Real estate may be our Business, but our strength is in our people.

We believe enduring success can only be built on a foundation of responsible Business practice and that everyone gain an advantage by adopting our core values: integrity, excellence, innovation, team work, transparency, entrepreneurship and respect.

Our Services

  • Property Management
  • Brokerage
  • Development
  • Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Construction
When you work with TOR GROUP broker you're not just with a single broker, but you're backed by a vast network of dedicated professionals, analysts, legal, strategic & economic specialists. That's our commitment to each & everyone.
No matter the property type or service you need, our specialists are committed to your needs, combining business expertise & unsurpassed market intelligence. TOR GROUP commercial brokers are well equipped to determin & exceed your goals, and focus relentlessly on creating winning out comes for our clients and fully dedicated to their succes.
We work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Zykova Anastasia
    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)
  • Murashova Julia
    Marketing Director
    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)
  • Lyahu Karina

    Head of Office Real Estate Department

    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)
  • Shlegel Maxim

    Head of Industrial Real Estate Department

    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)
  • Hramcova Natalia

    Head of the Key Clients Department 

    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)
  • Yakovleva Daria

    Head of Retail Real Estate Department

    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)
  • Dimova Valeriya

    Deputy Head of Office Real Estate Department

    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)
  • Kosenko Larisa

    Deputy Head of Retail Real Estate Department

    (Russian Branch, Saint Petersburg)


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